25+ Best Endless Running Games For Android & Tablets Users in 2024

Hello guys how are you all. Then you go to the blog to enjoy the world’s best endless running games. If you ever go to the play store and see which games are downloaded the most, you will see endless running games in the most downloaded games category. People download these games more because these games are relatively easy and enjoyable to play, moment by moment there are amazing hurdles and beauty which attracts people to play these games more. That’s why today I have brought you 25 endless running games. I think you will surely like these.

25+ Best Endless Running Games

Subway Surfers and Temple Run are the first games that come to mind when we think of running games. But I will not talk about these two games today. There are also in-game which are not as popular but definitely better than subway surface and temple run. So without further ado, let us tell you what games are available today on the blog.

Top 25+ Best Endless Running Games For Android & Tablets




At the very beginning we are starting with a beautiful game called Cross Road. This game was earlier played with old mobiles. But after coming some features are updated in the game and now it is very popular among the people. This game has been downloaded by nearly 100 million players. The game has play store rating of 4.5 star. You can play unlimited games here. Here you will be given a chicken and various obstacles will come in front of you. You have to keep running at all times by overcoming the obstacles. So let us now move on to the next game.




The second game is Banana KONG. It is a monkey game where a monkey runs to fetch. The monkey runs through the forest, swims through water, and flies through the sky while taking bananas. This game is very fun because the monkey’s desire to collect bananas is never ending so it is very interesting and popular. While running, the monkey is chased from behind by some world animals, the monkey has to run to escape from them. Different types of animals will chase the monkey, different twists will come into the game. From which the monkey has to survive. This game is really fun to play. Since this is an endless running game, it will never end and you can score as high as you want.




The number three game on our list is SKI Safari 2. This is an is key game. Here you have to sled and move ahead. There will be some places, some keyboards, some clothes, some characters, and some vehicles if you can sled. One of the fun things about this is that you will be given an animal to skin with. Also, there are many types of features that cannot be exhausted. So of course you have to play this game yourself to understand how fun the game is. This game has 10 million downloads from play store.




Now we will know about another non stop running game called Esmes Hit. HMT is very popular play store and people download this game a lot. More than million people have already downloaded this game. Here you will be given some balls with which you will have to break all the glass oils that come in front of you. If you leave some obstacles you may be out. So you must break all the barriers and move forward. It is a non-stop game where you will survive as long as you keep earning points.




The next game we want to introduce you to is called ALTO’S ADVENTURE. It is a snow sledding game developed in 2015. This game has now been downloaded by 10 million players. The three-day camp continues to grow in popularity. This game has won many awards so this game is popular. You will have a lot of fun playing this game because this game has both adventure and running. Read on for the excitement that this game is capable of giving you the joy of a non-stop running game.




Now we want to get acquainted with a game called Blades Of Brim. Stolen by a company called SYBO Games. The play store setting of the game is 4.4. This game is very popular among the gamers and the game has about 10 million downloads on the play store. The graphics of this game are very beautiful here is very elegant and attractive graphical interface. In this game you get many ghosts who can harm you. To avoid these mistakes you are given a blade that you can throw at them. There are also different types of obstacles that you will have to overcome. This is a non-stop running game where you can make high score as you wish and it’s very fun to play. I think you should definitely play this game.




One of the most popular and most downloaded games in the world of running games is Minion Rush. 500 million+ downloads from this game. So understand how much the game is loved. Gamelof is the world’s most flowery game development company who created it. The character of this game was made into a movie from where it is more familiar to people. This is a non-stop running game. Here you will face many semi-obstacles to deal with and move forward. The game is actually much nicer because of the high quality graphics interface. Day by day new updates are brought to the game which makes it more interesting.




Jetpack Joyride is another popular running game on our list. Running here gives some action and adventure game feel. This game is known as a very popular running game. This game has about 100 million+ downloads on Play Store. The rating of this game is 4.6 The game is liked by people. Here you are trying to escape a robot factory with a jet pack. But Robot Factory’s various features will try to stop you. Here you will be blocked by various obstacles, electric fire will be fired at you, and there are various creatures that will attack you. You will get different types of vehicles to escape from all of them, thinking you will get guns here. The creatures have to be killed with these weapons. It is a non-stop running game. The game is updated from time to time so you never feel bad playing the game.



It is the only running game in the history of the world that has so much hype for its popularity that is unimaginable. This game is Temple Run 2. This game has been downloaded around one billion+ from play store. I think almost all people who have run an Android phone have played the game at least once. This game is given a lot of beautiful graphics which are updated time to time. The game offers a challenging path of non-stop running where you have to collect coins to save yourself. Always remember that a terrible monster is chasing you.




Now we will talk about the popular channel running game Subway Surfer. The number one running game in the world is now known to everyone. The graphics interface of this game is very beautiful and attractive, this game is updated day by day. This game has a rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store. Already this game has been downloaded almost 1 billion. There are two characters in this game, one is a boy and the other is a girl. So that players of both genders can play it in their own way. It is a non-stop running game. While playing here you will pass various obstacles and collect coins. In this game there will be trains and you will have police behind you. You must walk past the trains. The game gets faster with time due to which the running game has to be continued very efficiently. I think you will have a lot of fun playing this game. So don’t waste time download the game now and enjoy.


11. Angry Gran Run – Running Game

Angry Gran Run - Running Game

In this game you will see an old woman. Who will run and collect coins. You must collect the points because you have to unlock another one. New characters are fun to play with. Like all other running games, here you have to run through various obstacles. The graphics quality of this game will be similar to that of Subway Surface. For those of you who want to play another game with graphics quality like Subway Surface, this game may be the only way to go. The rating of this game on Google Play Store is four point six. The game has already been downloaded over 50 million. The game is fun to play where you will run in a road and have to save yourself from the road cars and many other creatures.


12. Sonic Dash Endless Running & Racing Game

Sonic Dash Endless Running & Racing Game

Next game on our list is a perfect non stop and racing running game called Sonic Dash. This game has already been downloaded more than 100 million from play store. This game is rated seven. Popular SEGA game company published this game. In this game you have to collect coins. With which you can unlock other characters in the game. The main character in the game is a cartoon character. For those of you who have seen the cartoon of this game, this game will look very familiar. The graphics quality of this game is very good. This game is fun to play. The best feature of this game for me is the game map. All the other running games are always played on one map but here you will get many maps which will give you more fun than other games.


13. Jumanji Epic: Run

Jumanji Epic Run

This game that we are going to talk about is very unique to me compared to other running games. Because in this game there is a thief who part with a valuable thing. Our task is to catch the thief, while catching the thief you have to collect coins with which you will unlock other characters in this game. And in this game there will be some tapes that you have to cross like any other game. Also on the street you will see some anime that you have to beat. I personally like this game and I have played this game for a long time. If you want to play this game then you can play it.


14. Lara Croft: Relic Run / UFH

Lara Croft Relic Run UFH APK

Now we will talk about Lara Cort: Relid Run this game. Here’s a brave girl running through a forest alone. Calling this game purely a running game would be wrong because there is adventure here. So those of you who want to get the feel of adventure game along with running can play the game. Here every mission wise there will be a boss your job is to kill him. The special aspect of this game is that you get some vehicles that you can drive. This game is the king of graphics. Lara Cort: Relid Run is one of the best running games out there in my opinion. So far around 10 million players have downloaded this game from Play Store. So it can be said that this game is very popular with people.


15. Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush

Animal Adventure Downhill Rush

We usually find all games standard where the common man carries. But now I will give my team with a game where emel will run this game is called Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush. The graphics quality of this game is much removed from the game so it stands out as a unique game. This game is very good for me because of all these features. Winter is nearing, and the Christmas spirit has arrived. Grab a sled and head out to meet the adventures in this game. Collect bonuses and gifts such as boosters, energy boosters, bombs, and other items. Unlock fresh characters and particular sleds. Drive through the game’s various locations, including the city, village, snow-capped mountains, and frozen rivers. Along the way, avoid numerous obstacles such as running bears and moving cars.


16. Vector: Parkour Run

Vector Parkour Run APK

Vector is an exhilarating arcade-style game in which you play as an extraordinary free runner who will not be held back by the system. The game begins with a glimpse into a totalitarian future where freedom and individuality are only a faraway fantasy. But a freerunner’s heart is powerful, and you quickly break free. Run, jump, slide, and climb utilizing remarkable tactics based on the urban ninja sport of Parkour while being pursued by “Big Brother” whose main objective is to catch and return you.

Top Features of This Game:
– Arcade gameplay from the makers of the Shadow Fight games.
– Astoundingly lifelike Parkour-inspired moves made possible by Cascadeur animation tools.
– 40+ challenging levels.
– Quick to learn, challenging to master.


17. Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run

Now we will talk about an interesting one called Talking Tom Gold Run. The story starts when Tom sees the car getting into an accident. However, he soon realises it was a thief, so he chases after him to apprehend him. Additionally, you can upgrade your home and pool to get bonus points. Who would have guessed that our Angela would be the second character you access once all the upgrades are finished with it? Also we have seen that it has been downloaded more than 500 million on Google Play Store. It means that this game is very popular among people. The Google Play Store rating of the game is 4.3. This game is made by a company named Outfit Limited. The game is very popular all over the world. I hope you will not be bored if you see the boy.


18. Running Pet: Dec Rooms

Running Pet Dec Rooms

The 18th game on our list is () which is a wonderful running game played by petanimals instead of humans. This game is very interesting because all the characters used here are very popular with us. The characters here include panda, talking tom, nice cat, fox.

It will need fast thought and fast reactions to bring your pet to the finish line first! Additionally, you may gather unique goods that provide your pet a momentary speed boost, enabling him to get to the goal sooner. You may utilise the special goodies found in each level to speed up, accelerate, or even grant your pet superpowers or the ability to leap! A running pet is an excellent tool for self-assess your reflexes and quickness of response. The stunning visuals and vibrant colours of the game add to the enjoyment of Running Pet. This game has been downloaded 10 million+ from Google Play Store. This game is very much and popular among people. This game is different from all other games so this game in my opinion you should play.


19. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami APK has proudly exceeded 200 million players around the world. Eat your buddies and throw them in a wild race against you by obliterating anything in your way. The undead are abhorrent! Launch a zombie attack on the city, turn onlookers into zombies, and assemble the biggest possible horde.

Top Features of this game:
– {One touch} gameplay to control the entire hord.
– 10 delirious bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more.
– Many upgrades to unlock.
– Raise zombie birds and use their powers.
– More than 300 missions to devour.
– 11 sets to travel in.
– Optimized for all Android models.


20. PJ Masks™: Power Heroes

PJ Masks™ Power Heroes

Now the game we will talk about is the game number 20 in our list. This game is a non-stop running game. This game has been downloaded by around 10 million people from the play store. And its rating is good 4.0. This thrilling infinite runner game offers fascinating locales, cunning villains, and a great assortment of PJ Masks characters, both old and new! In addition to providing age-appropriate controls for jumping, dodging, and flying over obstacles, the PJ Masks endless runner game infuses each mission with exhilarating adventure. Young players will gain Power Stars by using their superhero abilities to open more goods. PJ Masks: Power Heroes dynamically modifies the game’s complexity to your child’s level based on adaptive learning. This game is made by a famous developer company that is Scary Beasties Limited.

Top FEATURES Of PJ Masks™: Power Heroes Game APK
• Tailored for pre-schoolers, with tons of free Superhero missions to play
• Take the PJ Masks with you and play offline or on-the-go
• Race through the city whilst avoiding obstacles
• Use your superhero’s unique powers to blast obstacles and defeat the villains
• Collect stars to upgrade power-ups
• Complete different missions and earn items to customise your Hero Hideout.


21. Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari

Get ready for an exhilarating wild west adventure like no other in “Rodeo Stampede”! The gameplay of this action-packed game is addicting and intriguing, combining aspects of running games, cowboy games, and animal games. Take on the role of a fearless cowboy and set off on a thrilling adventure across the wild west. You’ll put your brave riding abilities to the test as you use your lasso to tame and seize a range of amazing creatures. The globe is your rodeo arena, filled with everything from graceful elephants to wild lions and quick zebras. Engage in the exhilarating world of zoo animals and cowboys for the ultimate zoo experience. The game has been downloaded by around 50 million+ people from the Play Store.


22. Ghost Run

Ghost Run

Are you exhausted and weary of running away from people in games and feeling like a victim all the time? Next, try putting yourself in a whole other situation where you have to go after your victim already. Assume the part of the ghost girl from the film “The Bell,” who emerges from the TV to pursue a girl who is frantically fleeing from her. You must complete an obstacle-filled route in order to catch up to the female at each level. You’ll come across several goodies throughout the route, like as scary braids and green skulls, which you could gather to boost your energy and accelerate. Steer clear of obstacles, avoid falling into traps, and show your abilities.


23. Talking Tom Fly Run: New Fun Running Game

Talking Tom Fly Run New Fun Running Game

Another fantastic action film from Outfit7 Limited is Talking Tom Fly Run, which takes Tom the cat on further adventures—this time in the sky. Remember to enhance your persona by purchasing new apparel, flying glasses, and several other accessories. Naturally, the cat in the mask, your adversary, will try to hinder you in any way imaginable, lay traps, and create hurdles, but since you are an ace in the skies, you may overcome him and leave him far behind. One finger may be used to operate the plane in Talking Tom: Fly Run. An arrow-equipped virtual joystick is located at the bottom of the screen.


24. Haunted Night – Running Game

Haunted Night – Running Game

Haunted Night APK is a fantastic Android endless running game with intriguing features and a side perspective! When the game’s protagonist awakens in the middle of the night, he has no idea how he got there. There was no flashlight, the cell phone was dead, and the only sound coming from the animals was their rage. You flee this unfortunate location since you’re terrified and chilly. There are 10M+ Downloads on play store for this game

Top Key Features:
Easy Management.
gathering power for the launch.
a lot of characters.
Many perks, the accumulation of which will grant the hero more.
features Species.


25. Chimpact Run

Chimpact Run APK

A period of its history, a number of intriguing arcade games bearing the general name Chimpact have chronicled the exploits of a comical chimpanzee named Chuck. Come along with Chuck the Chimp and his pals in this exciting jungle run. This time, our hero must embark on a protracted journey through seven distinct worlds. Millions of game downloads are evidence that you will truly enjoy yourself while traversing these areas.

Play this non-stop action game with players all over the world as you lead “Chuck the chimp” and his six simian friends. You can unlock amazing new levels and re-capture all the fireflies by taking on challenges across seven worlds of pure graphical delight with an abundance of power-ups.

ThankYou for read the blog post. I hope you are feel good and find your desire The Best Endless Running Games For Android & Tablets Users in 2024.