BGMI Back to Google Play Will Soon Available to Download in India Play Now! – APK Download Hunt

The Indian government has lifted the ban on BGMI for a 3- month trial and it’ll soon be available to download from Google Play! Everything you need to know about the reverse of BGMI is all down below! Battlegrounds Mobile India( BGMI) returns back after the 10- month-long ban from the Indian government!

KRAFTON blazoned The Back of BGMI to Google Play
Since BGMI lifted a ban on the BGMI in July 2022, KRAFTON has continued working on the BGMI restriction unbanned, and a many days ago the Indian government eventually decided to unban the game for 3 months. The dev KRAFTON revealed in its May 19th advertisement that BGMI’ll soon be available to download from Google Play.

BGMI Back to Google Play Will Soon Available to Download in India Play Now! - APK Download Hunt

“ We’re largely thankful to the Indian authorities for allowing us to renew operations of Battlefields MOBILE INDIA( BGMI). We’d like to extend our gratefulness to our Indian gaming community for their support and tolerance over the once many months. We’re agitated to advertise that Battlefields MOBILE INDIA will be available for download soon and we can not stay to drink you back to our platform. Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO, KRAFTON, Inc. India, says.” We believe in the power of gaming to bring people together and produce indelible gests . We’re committed to delivering exceptional products and services to our druggies in India and beyond, and we look forward to continuing our trip with you. ”

BGMI on Google Play Store Listing Is Still Not Available Yet
still, this PUBG MOBILE Indian interpretation game is unbanned for Android bias only while still unapproachable from Apple App Store.

BGMI Indian suckers who have visited the BGMI functionary website will find themselves diverted to the BGMI Google Play download runner rather of an error runner. Players can pierce the direct link of BGMI on Google Play, but the game is still not available to download as there’s no” install” button to click on the product runner.

In the communication for BGMI suckers, KRAFTON further adds,” We want to thank all our suckers for their unvarying support, and we want them to know that we’re completely committed to bringing Battlefields MOBILE INDIA back to them soon.” We can tell that the delay would not be long. Indian players can presumably anticipate more innovative and engaging BGMI action battles committed by the KRAFTON in the near future.

How to Download BGMI from India
Google Play Store doesn’t give access to BGMI’s sanctioned download, but there is still a way out if you really want to play BGMI. Our APK Download Hunt gives all BGMI Indian players a direct link to download and modernize the game. still, it should be noticed that the game interpretation on APK Download Hunt is BGMI2.1.0 the rearmost interpretation streamlined on July 19 before BGMI’s ban in India.

Follow the four way below to get the download link and play BGMI on your phone

Step 1 Head to the APK Download Hunt functionary point to search for BGMI.

Step 2 Tap the first hunt affect shown on the top to get to the BGMI download runner.

Step 3 Click the download button on the right to initiate the downloading process.