Antistress MOD APK v9.9.2 [Plus Unlocked] Download for Android


Antistress MOD Game  is a delightful game that helps you reconnect with your childhood dreams and desires. It captures the essence of those simple, joy-inducing activities we loved as kids, such as peeling soaps, applying paste, dropping Mentos in Coke, cutting objects, and scratching spaces. These seemingly purposeless yet deeply satisfying actions are brought together in a collection of mini-games designed to soothe your soul and bring happiness.

Antistress offers a perfect blend of nostalgic activities that focus on relaxation and deep focus. The game’s primary goal is to provide a sense of tranquility and peace through its myriad of engaging activities. By immersing yourself in these simple, pleasurable tasks, you can experience the magic and beauty of life’s little joys.

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To enhance this experience, Antistress features realistic sound effects, vibrations, and high-quality graphics that make each activity feel incredibly lifelike. The intuitive controls further contribute to the realism, making it easy to lose yourself in the soothing gameplay.

Whether you’re looking to unwind or seeking a therapeutic escape, Antistress is an excellent choice. Its calming activities can significantly help those dealing with depression or anxiety, providing a much-needed respite from everyday stress. You can easily download the game or share it with someone who might benefit from its relaxing effects. Dive into the world of Antistress and let it create a sense of calm and joy within you.

Antistress MOD APK v9.9.2 [Plus Unlocked] Download for Android

Download  Antistress MOD APK for Android


Package Name Antistress
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Games
Language 12+ Language
Author ApkDownloadHunt
Downloads 10,000,000+
Upload Date 2024
Content Rating 3+ Ages

Overview of Antistress

When you need relaxation, diversion or just a moment of distraction enjoy this collection of toys: hear the sound of a bamboo chime, play with wooden boxes, swipe gently your finger in the water, tap buttons, draw with chalks and so on! Are you waiting for something and you need a diversion? Open Antistress app and start playing with a Newton’s cradle! Are you furious with someone? Have some relaxation with the never-old fifteen game! Do you need distraction from study? Open Antistress app and choose one among dozens of toys to play! Take your time and live a moment of diversion. This game include also an antistress Bamboo chime, a finger scale and some dirty windows to clean! Plus, this stress relief app is constantly updated with new antistress toys every 2 weeks, to help you calm down your anxiety with always fresh contents, like finger spinner, finger cube, slime and a bunch of anxiety free toys.

What is Antistress MOD (Ads Free)

Antistress MOD (Ads Free) is an enhanced version of the popular Antistress game, designed to provide an uninterrupted and more immersive experience. In contrast to the standard version, this modified edition eliminates all advertisements, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the calming activities without any distractions.

Moreover, the absence of ads means that you can seamlessly transition from one mini-game to another, maintaining a continuous flow of relaxation. Additionally, this version includes all the same delightful features that make Antistress so enjoyable, such as realistic sound effects, vibrations, and high-quality graphics.

Furthermore, Antistress MOD (Ads Free) retains the game’s focus on simple, joy-inducing activities, such as peeling soaps, cutting objects, and scratching spaces. These tasks not only bring back childhood memories but also promote a sense of tranquility and peace.

If you’re seeking a more focused and ad-free experience, Antistress MOD (Ads Free) is the perfect choice. This version ensures that nothing comes between you and your moments of relaxation. Download this enhanced version to enjoy all the benefits of Antistress without the interruptions of ads, and dive deeper into the soothing world it offers.

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  • Unlocked All

Antistress APK

  1. Realistic Sensory Experience: Antistress offers lifelike sound effects, vibrations, and high-quality graphics, creating an incredibly immersive experience. Each activity, from peeling soaps to cutting objects, feels real and tactile, enhancing the sense of relaxation.
  2. Diverse Mini-Game Collection: The game includes a wide variety of simple yet satisfying activities that cater to different preferences. Whether you enjoy applying paste, dropping Mentos in Coke, or scratching spaces, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and find soothing.
  3. Ad-Free Gameplay: The Antistress MOD (Ads Free) version ensures an uninterrupted experience by removing all advertisements. This allows players to fully immerse themselves in the calming activities without any distractions, maintaining a continuous flow of relaxation.
  4. Therapeutic Benefits: Designed with mental well-being in mind, Antistress helps reduce stress and anxiety. The simple, repetitive tasks can have a meditative effect, promoting a sense of tranquility and inner peace, making it an excellent tool for those dealing with depression or anxiety.
  5. Intuitive Controls and Easy Accessibility: The game features intuitive controls that make it easy for anyone to pick up and play. Additionally, its straightforward design ensures that players of all ages can enjoy the activities without any learning curve, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
What We Like of Antistress APK
  • Realistic Sensory Feedback: High-quality graphics, sound effects, and vibrations enhance immersion.
  • Variety of Activities: Wide range of simple, satisfying mini-games to cater to different preferences.
  • Ad-Free Experience: The MOD version removes ads, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: Helps reduce stress and anxiety with its calming and repetitive tasks.
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive controls and easy accessibility make it enjoyable for all ages.
What We Don’t Like of Antistress APK
  • Limited Depth: The simplicity of the mini-games may lack long-term engagement for some players.
  • Repetitive Content: Activities might become monotonous over time due to their repetitive nature.
  • No Progression System: Lack of a reward or progression system may reduce motivation for continued play.
  • Potential Device Strain: Realistic graphics and vibrations could be taxing on older devices.
  • Offline Play Limitations: Some features may require an internet connection, limiting offline usability.


How to Download Antistress Apk (NO Ads) & Install Free APK on Mobile

Ready to download and play Antistress on your mobile device? First you have to delete the original apk from your device. Then follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to and search for Antistress.

Step 2: Click on the Download APK button to start downloading it on your mobile.

Step 3: Once Antistress has been downloaded, begin the installation process on your android phone.

Step 4: After the installation is finished, open it and start playing Antistress.

Please Note: If you are installing apps from APKDownloadHunt for the first time, please enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s Settings > Security before installing.

Antistress MOD (Unlocked Version, Unlimited Money No Ads) APK

In most cases; usually, Antistress app has a very nice feel to it and the reason why this app became so famous was because of its cutter yet they had an amazing app of creating that Captured the eye of every game lover out there. Download Antistress mod apk App (Unlimited Money / Gems, Premium version) using your favorite browser.  Antistress app No Ads Mod (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All, Premium, Pro ) can be used paid for free and does not require root on your device.

Additional Game Information

Version 9.9.2
Updated on 1 Jul 2024
Downloads 100,000,000+ downloads
Offered by JindoBlu

Conclusion of Antistress APK

In conclusion, Antistress – relaxation toys MOD APK is an exceptional tool for those seeking relaxation and a break from daily stress. Its realistic sensory feedback, combined with a variety of simple yet satisfying mini-games, offers a therapeutic experience that can help reduce anxiety. The ad-free MOD version enhances this by providing uninterrupted gameplay. However, while the game’s simplicity is its strength, it may also lead to repetitive content that lacks depth for some users. Despite this, its user-friendly design and accessibility make it a delightful option for all ages. Overall, Antistress APK stands out as a soothing, enjoyable escape that can bring a sense of tranquility and joy into your life.

Download Antistress MOD APK (Unlimited Unlock All Levels) APK For Android

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