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Are you a fan of RPG Android games? Of course, you are—who isn’t? While RPG games can sharpen our simulation skills and provide endless entertainment, it’s equally important to challenge our minds. We need brain-teasing activities to enhance our cognitive abilities. With this in mind, we are thrilled to introduce an extraordinary Android and iOS game that combines the best of both worlds: Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest. This game not only captivates you with immersive RPG gameplay but also challenges you with engaging match-3 puzzle levels.

If you’re eager to engage your brain with this fantastic game, head over to the Google Play Store to download Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest. However, be aware that the official version includes numerous in-app purchases. For a more rewarding experience, try the modified version, Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest Mod Apk. This version unlocks all the premium features, providing you with an enhanced gaming experience without any additional costs.

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Package Name Empires & Puzzles
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Games
Language 12+ Language
Author ApkDownloadHunt
Downloads 10,000,000+
Upload Date 2024
Content Rating 3+ Ages

Overview of Empires & Puzzles

Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on match-3 puzzle games, combining RPG elements, PvE quests, and base-building — topped off with epic PvP duels that range from riveting 1v1 Raids to rambunctious 100v100 Wars.

Start your fantasy adventure today!

• Solve match-3 puzzles

Lead your army to victory by matching colorful shields and unleashing epic combos! This isn’t your everyday gem game — matching tiles will not only deal damage to your enemies, but also charge powerful spells that you can fire at the right time to devastating effect. Setting off dream cascades will allow you to take down even the most powerful of dragons!

• Explore 5 full seasons of content — plus many dozens of mythical quests

Prepare for an epic match-3 adventure that will take you through all sorts of worlds for a genuine RPG experience! Will your team be strong and sturdy enough to sail stormy seas, fend against underworld monsters, crawl through sandy dungeons, and slay titanic dragons — while also making tons of new friends along the way?

• Amazing graphics

This puzzle RPG is set in a beautifully rendered fantasy world — you’ll marvel at the stunning details of countless monsters, dragons, and other fantasy creatures! Your heroes’ powerful magic spells will not only dazzle your eyes but also dramatically turn the tides of wars.

• Base-building

Rebuild the ruins of a mighty castle and turn it into your own war fortress! A finely built Stronghold will provide all the tools you need to farm resources, level up armies, research special recipes, and harness the magic power of gems to alchemically merge various items.

• Farming, crafting, upgrading

Make sure your team is well-prepared for all the adventures out there! Level up your castle and gather valuable resources — such as Dragon Bones and Meteor Fragments — to craft legendary weapons that will help your heroes make it through even the toughest dungeons!

• Hero card collection

Hundreds of legendary heroes and dozens of mighty troops await collection — summon new allies to bolster your team and unlock new strategy options! Each hero comes with their own unique stats and skills — find your own way to merge & match their strengths to victory.

• Train and dress up

Unlike in ordinary hero card games, you can level up your “deck” of heroes — and even evolve their power further by equipping them with costumes that add to their power! The vast fantasy world of Empires & Puzzles will present a wide array of challenges; you’ll want to build an army that can tackle any epic match-3 duel this puzzle game throws your way.

• Go on online raids for great loot

Clash blades — and spells — in intense match-3 RPG battles with other empires! Whether you’re raiding enemy castles to plunder resources, setting up defenses for your own fort, or going to war together with your Alliance for a real-time puzzle RPG experience, proving your mettle in PvP duels will grant you great rewards that can’t be found in regular dungeons.

• Play together

Joining an Alliance to team up with like-minded players will enrich your experience by a thousandfold! Strong bonds will naturally form and evolve once you start playing together — whether it be fighting epic titans, covering for each other in multiplayer wars, exploring treacherous islands full of monsters, or speedrunning dungeons to unlock better loot for the gang.

Start building your Empire now — the villagers of your new Stronghold await!

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Empires & Puzzles is FREE to download and includes optional in-game purchases (including random items). Information about drop rates for random item purchases can be found in-game. If you wish to disable in-game purchases, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.

What is Empires & Puzzles MOD (Ads Free)

Empires & Puzzles MOD (Ads Free) is an enhanced version of the popular Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest. This modified version removes all advertisements, providing a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, it retains all the original game’s features while adding premium benefits. Consequently, players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and access additional resources without any in-app purchases. To download this improved version, visit APK Home and get Empires & Puzzles MOD (Ads Free) for an upgraded and ad-free gaming experience.

Mod Menu:

  • Mod Menu
  • Speed Game

Download  Empires & Puzzles MOD APK for Android

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What We Like of Empires & Puzzles APK
  • Engaging Gameplay: Combines RPG elements with match-3 puzzles for a unique and captivating experience.
  • Strategic Depth: Requires thoughtful planning and strategy to progress and succeed.
  • Stunning Graphics: High-quality visuals enhance the immersive gameplay.
  • Variety of Heroes: Wide selection of heroes, each with unique abilities and skills.
  • Regular Updates: Frequent content updates and events keep the game fresh and exciting.
  • Community Interaction: Alliance features promote teamwork and social interaction.
  • Accessible: Free to download and play, making it easy for new players to start.
What We Don’t Like of Empires & Puzzles APK
  • In-App Purchases: Heavy reliance on in-app purchases can be frustrating for free-to-play players.
  • Grinding: Progression can be slow without spending money, requiring significant grinding.
  • Energy System: Limited energy system can restrict gameplay time and cause delays.
  • Randomness: Gacha mechanics for hero acquisition can lead to frustration due to luck-based outcomes.
  • Pay-to-Win Elements: Players who spend money can gain significant advantages, impacting competitive balance.
  • Server Issues: Occasional connectivity problems can disrupt gameplay.
  • Repetitive: Gameplay can become repetitive over time, especially during long grinding sessions.
How to Download Empires & Puzzles Apk (NO Ads) & Install Free APK on Mobile

Ready to download and play Empires & Puzzles on your mobile device? First you have to delete the original apk from your device. Then follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to and search for Empires & Puzzles.

Step 2: Click on the Download APK button to start downloading it on your mobile.

Step 3: Once Empires & Puzzles has been downloaded, begin the installation process on your android phone.

Step 4: After the installation is finished, open it and start playing Empires & Puzzles.

Please Note: If you are installing apps from APKDownloadHunt for the first time, please enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s Settings > Security before installing.

Empires & Puzzles MOD (Unlocked Version, Unlimited Money No Ads) APK

In most cases; usually, Empires & Puzzles app has a very nice feel to it and the reason why this app became so famous was because of its cutter yet they had an amazing app of creating that Captured the eye of every game lover out there. Download Empires & Puzzles mod apk App (Unlimited Money / Gems, Premium version) using your favorite browser.  Empires & Puzzles app No Ads Mod (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All, Premium, Pro ) can be used paid for free and does not require root on your device.

Additional Game Information

Version 68.0.2
Updated on 1 Jul 2024
Downloads 50,000,000+ downloads
Offered by Small Giant Games

Conclusion of Empires & Puzzles APK

In conclusion, Empires & Puzzles APK offers a unique blend of RPG elements and match-3 puzzles, creating an engaging and strategic gameplay experience. Its stunning graphics, variety of heroes, and regular updates keep players invested. However, the game’s reliance on in-app purchases and its energy system can be frustrating for some. Additionally, the gacha mechanics and potential pay-to-win elements may impact the overall balance. Despite these drawbacks, the game’s strong community interaction and immersive content make it worth trying. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a strategic thinker, Empires & Puzzles APK provides an enjoyable and challenging experience that continues to evolve.

Download Empires & Puzzles MOD APK (Unlimited Unlock All Levels) APK For Android

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