Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List Guide Play Now! – APK Download Hunt

Goddess of Victory Nikke is now available each over the globe! We have prepared a Nikke league list for you! Now let’s check it out together! Goddess of Victory Nikke is an immersive sci- fi part- play game that was officially launched on November 4, 2022. It’s now available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Since its release, further than 1 million players have downloaded Goddess of Victory Nikke on their mobile bias from the Google Play Store. Up to 162K reviews in the commentary area have also shown great enthusiasm from online players encyclopedically. Although positive reviews regard for further than 75, there are still thousands of Complains left in the commentary section coming from apprentices who have no idea how to maximize their favorite Nikkes’ advantages.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List Guide Play Now! - APK Download Hunt

Then are some tips and tricks we would like to partake with suckers of Goddess of Victory Nikke.

Nikke Ranking norms
Each Nikke has her unique and special capacities and chops. Without knowing their advantages and disadvantages, players would noway completely ply their characters’ goods and have a good performance in an violent battle.

From the map below, it’s egregious to see that Nikkes are divided into seven categories from high to low SS, S, A, B, C, D, andF.

Nikke Tier List Main Characters
Next, we will take three league SS Nikke fighters as exemplifications to bandy how to avoid Nikkes’ failings and beget further damage to your adversaries.



Rariety SS

Weapon SMG

Element Iron

Featuring her outstanding mending skill and reducing burst chops cooldown, Liter deserves one of the stylish sympathizers and bushwhackers in Goddess of Victory Nikke. There is not too important weakness aboutLiter.However, you can pair her with other characters and cover them from adversaries’ attacks, If you get Liter on the battleground.



Rariety SS

Weapon SMG

Element Water

Ludmilla is one of the stylish protectors among all Nikkes. She can drop the damage her adversaries bring to her. She can also buff her teammates with her Burst skill with only 20 sec cooldown time.



Rariety SS

Weapon Assault Rifle

Element Electric

As a Burst III assault rifle bushwhacker, Scarlet wields a brand to deal with her adversaries. The lower Hp she has, the further damage she can beget. It should be noted that when it takes further than 2 sec to reload her, so you need to pair another character to make sure she’d not be demurred off.