Guide to Send Scheduled Text Messages on Android Enjoy Now! – APK Download Hunt

This composition shows several ways to shoot listed dispatches at any time you want for free. It happens when you have written the communication but want to shoot it at a specific time similar as someone’s birthday in case you forgot it, or you just do not want to disturb others at night and the communication isn’t too critical so you prefer to shoot it the coming day. In similar cases, a communication scheduling app is a useful tool to let you set the time to shoot out your communication as you want.

Guide to Send Scheduled Text Messages on Android Enjoy Now! - APK Download Hunt

One of the stylish communication scheduling apps should be palpitation. It’s a secure and nice- designed SMS app that supports schedule sends and colorful theme customizations with millions of downloads on Android. This composition will show you how to record your communication textbooks on palpitation as well as recommend other useful third- party communication apps as further options for you to choose from.

How to shoot Scheduled Text dispatches on palpitation?

Step 1 Download palpitation on your phone.
Step 2 Launch palpitation SMS. Set it as your dereliction SMS app.
Step 3 Enter your connections to edit your dispatches. also valve and hold the send button to show the schedule communication pop- up window. elect the date and time you want the communication to be transferred out.

Note When you set the transferring time, you’ll see the option to shoot the communication constantly if you need.

What other communication apps can record communication sends?
Other than palpitation, there are some other druthers
you can try for transferring listed dispatches similar as Do It latterly and Textra SMS. Do it latterly lets you shoot listed dispatches, emails, monuments, Tweets and indeed fake calls. To use it, simply class your communication and elect transferring time among different time lengths or customize it as you want. There are also other customizable options at the bottom for your convenience.