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Welcome to the latest update version of Honkai Impact 3. It is a mysterious force that annihilated human civilization on several occasions has re-emerged in this once peaceful world.
A squad of young girls burdened with the very last hopes of humanity must fight for survival in this apocalyptic world filled with zombies and Honkai beasts.
As the Captain of the Hyperion, you must lead these girls into battle against zombies and Honkai beasts in various locales around the world. Experience the girls’ unique personalities, challenge and conquer various raids and stages, and enjoy the rich storyline of the Honkai Universe! Join the Valkyries and fight for all that is beautiful in the world!

Honkai Impact 3 Apk

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About Apk

Honkai Impact 3 is an online gaming app for android. It is one of the most useable and downloadable apk for android users. Its user ratio is 4+. When it comes to online then the app is the best one. Here I will share with you the latest update version of this App The App is the best application in the Google Play Store. After releasing this app it goes viral within a short time for its popular features and nice user experience.

So, let’s see it features why you should Install This App on your smartphone.


Top Features of Honkai Impact 3

There are lots of features on this online app as usual. As like honkai impact 3rd reddit, honkai impact 3 offline, honkai 3, and others but it has sill some special for exceptional.


  • Herrscher of Reason
    Following your trial, I dove deep into the lost world to bring you home…
    Herrscher of Reason – Bronya’s S-rank awakened battlesuit stands ready!
    The bunny has transformed into an armed motorcycle to break her free from all restraints and lead her right onto the path of the future!
    Project Bunny… Ride on!
  • Augment Core: Void Drifter
    Rising from the ashes – Valkyrie Ranger’s Augment Core activated!
    The Herrscher power inside has been laid to rest, and newly found friendships have reawakened her strong fighting spirit.
    I will do everything to change this imperfect world for the better!
  • Odd Drifter
    Summer is the season of adventures. And Odd Drifter is full of awesome adventures.
    Prehistoric ruins, enigmatic writings… There is definitely more about this island than meets the eye.
    Grand treasures await at the journey’s end: new summer outfits for Herrscher of the Void, Swallowtail Phantasm & Stalker: Phantom Iron.
  • Diane’s Sojourn
    Waking up from Herrscher form, Kiana found herself in completely strange circumstances…
    To curb the Herrscher power inside, she embarked on a new adventure with a heart full of regret, guilt…. and hope.
    The moon is never alone, for stars will always follow. The freedom she so craves for will eventually be hers…

These are some features of the Apk. People called it honkai impact, houkai 3rd also.



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