Little Big City 2 Mod APK Download for Android & iOS

Download the latest version of Little Big City 2 Mod APK for Android Build a huge and thriving city Little Big City 2 is a strategy and management game where you have to turn a small tropical island into a bustling metropolis. To do so you can choose from three very different paths: industry, technology, or culture. The type of city you want to build depends on how much support you give one of these sectors.

Little Big City 2 Mod APK

Latest Version Little Big City 2 Mod APK Download

APK Download Version: 9.3.9 (93920)
APK by: Gameloft
Category: Free Game
Requirements: Android 5 and Up
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These are some features of the APK. People called it Little Big City also. Here I will share with you the latest update version of this App. 


Top Features


• Choose your expansion style: industrial tycoon, technological prodigy, or cultural artisan.
• Visit your friends’ cities to see the effects of different development strategies.
• Unlock unique landmarks and buildings: They’ll produce diverse resources that keep your city appealing to new citizens.


• Help the wacky Mayor make important decisions to achieve his goals successfully.
• Heed the advice of your advisors to navigate tricky scenarios.


• Handle spontaneous events impacted by the unique design of your city.
• Get breaking Daily News reports that recap your latest achievements.