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In a world ravaged by calamity and death, the post-apocalyptic landscape is fraught with endless challenges and dire situations. Survival demands ingenuity and determination to overcome every obstacle. Enter “Merge Survival: Wasteland,” an incredible game that surpasses imagination and brings the beauty of survival to your fingertips. This modded APK version allows you to unleash your creativity, designing a game environment that is both unique and captivating.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic world where your interactions and strategic decisions can take you beyond the ordinary. With “Merge Survival: Wasteland,” you have the power to create a robust shelter using a wide array of resources. The game offers unparalleled convenience and opportunities for skillful survival, allowing you to merge products, resources, and items to craft superior tools and structures.

Choose your combat style and approach each challenge with a fresh perspective. The game encourages innovative problem-solving and resource management, enabling you to build a thriving world amidst the wasteland. Discover the joy of designing every element, from essential accessories to advanced skills, ensuring your survival and prosperity. Explore the vast possibilities and the beauty of mastering adversity in “Merge Survival: Wasteland.”

Download  Merge Survival Wasteland MOD APK

Download  Merge Survival: Wasteland MOD APK for Android


Package Name Merge Survival: Wasteland
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Games
Language 12+ Language
Author ApkDownloadHunt
Downloads 10,000,000+
Upload Date 2024
Content Rating 3+ Ages

Overview of Merge Survival: Wasteland

Enjoy the summer season events in Merge Survival! Hello.My name is Eden and ever since “that day”, I have been living a wandering life, looking for a shelter, town, or mansion for survival.Due to many people’s selfishness, our environment, town, and gardens have been destroyed and became a wasteland with no love or any pies to eat. All houses, all cities, every single mansion are completely destroyed.Living alone in this world full of chaos is very exhausting and lonely.Can I possibly survive in a place like this…?
Hey, you there! I think you can help me find a shelter for survival! A mansion with gardens could be even better.
Could you please help me out so I can travel through desolated town and gardens, and stay safe and survive in this world of misery?This is like no other merge games, it’s about survival.In “Merge Survival” the most fun of all merge games, you can experience the life of surviving in the post-apocalypse world created by environmental pollution and disasters.Merge to create survival materials among desolated towns, and find any new resources or hidden locations by traveling town to town and wasted gardens.Create an “Eco-Friendly Camp” to live in harmony with nature and other survivors.Do you love survival games, and merge games? Then begin right away!

☞ “Merge”to create various survival items and your shelter.
– Merge, merge, merge.. Enjoy creating various survival tools by merging abandoned resources.
– Complete quests with the created survival tools, merge food such as pies to help Eden build a cozy shelter and gardens.
– Learn the meaning of resource recycling, and complete your item collection. Do you like to play merge games?
Then this game is the best of all merge games for you.

☞ A “survival” story of the ones who live in the “Post-Apocalypse”.
– An interesting story of encounters, conflicts, and living together with other survivors will unfold.
– Aren’t you curious about the stories of people and animals you meet in despair?

☞ Build your safe “shelter”, travel and explore to find the hidden locations.
– Build a production facility to “recycle” resources or acquire special resources.
– Find hidden locations, travel devastated towns to find special resources by exploring with your friends.
Maybe you can even encounter a mansion.

☞ Enjoy the “strategy” of finding the materials you need for survival.
– Have fun by strategically collecting survival essentials such as water and oxygen in the gardens.
– Merge pies and chocolates to keep your energy up.

Are you into survival merge games and puzzle merge games?
Then start “Merge Survival : Wasteland” now!
Merge right away to build your safe zone! A cozy camp with friends is much better than a luxurious mansion.
Jump into the best of all merge games now.

We request permission to access memory for a stable game progress.

– Customer Support : Settings>Customer Support
[email protected]
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What is Merge Survival: Wasteland MOD (Ads Free)

Merge Survival: Wasteland MOD (Ads Free) is an enhanced version of the original game that offers an uninterrupted gaming experience by removing all advertisements. In this modded version, players can fully immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic world without the distraction of ads, allowing for a more engaging and seamless gameplay experience.

Furthermore, this version provides additional features and conveniences that enhance the overall game. For instance, it often includes unlimited resources, enabling players to build and upgrade their shelters more efficiently. Moreover, with the ads removed, you can focus entirely on strategizing and surviving the challenging environment, making every interaction and decision more impactful. Overall, the Merge Survival: Wasteland MOD (Ads Free) elevates your gaming experience by combining the core elements of the original game with the added benefit of an uninterrupted and enriched gameplay environment.

Mod Menu:

  • Mod Menu
  • Hack Time
  • Speed Game

Merge Survival Wasteland APK

Best 5 Unique Features of Merge Survival: Wasteland MOD (Ads Free)

1. Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without any advertisements. This feature ensures that you can focus entirely on surviving and thriving in the post-apocalyptic world without any distractions, making your gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable.

2. Unlimited Resources: Gain access to unlimited resources, allowing you to build and upgrade your shelter and tools with ease. This feature lets you explore and experiment with different strategies and designs, enhancing your creativity and gameplay satisfaction.

3. Customizable Shelters: Design and customize your shelter using a wide variety of materials and items. This feature enables you to create a unique and personalized base that reflects your style and strategy, providing a sense of ownership and pride in your creation.

4. Advanced Merging Mechanics: Utilize the advanced merging system to combine various resources, products, and items into more powerful and efficient tools and structures. This innovative gameplay mechanic adds depth and complexity to your survival strategy, keeping the game engaging and challenging.

5. Diverse Combat Styles: Choose from multiple combat styles to approach challenges in the game. Whether you prefer direct confrontation, stealth, or strategic planning, this feature allows you to tailor your approach to suit your preferences and playstyle, ensuring a dynamic and versatile gaming experience.

What We Like of Merge Survival: Wasteland APK
  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy seamless gameplay without interruptions from ads.
  • Unlimited Resources: Build and upgrade your shelter effortlessly with abundant resources.
  • Customizable Shelters: Personalize your base with a variety of materials and items.
  • Advanced Merging Mechanics: Combine resources to create powerful tools and structures.
  • Diverse Combat Styles: Choose from various combat strategies to suit your playstyle.
What We Don’t Like of Merge Survival: Wasteland APK
  • Potential for Reduced Challenge: Unlimited resources might make the game less challenging.
  • Possible Stability Issues: Modded versions can sometimes be prone to bugs or crashes.
  • Limited Updates: Modded APKs may not receive regular updates or support from developers.
  • Security Concerns: Downloading and installing APKs from unofficial sources can pose security risks.
  • Compatibility Issues: The modded version may not work smoothly on all devices.
How to Download Merge Survival: Wasteland Apk (NO Ads) & Install Free APK on Mobile

Ready to download and play Merge Survival: Wasteland on your mobile device? First you have to delete the original apk from your device. Then follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to and search for Merge Survival: Wasteland.

Step 2: Click on the Download APK button to start downloading it on your mobile.

Step 3: Once Merge Survival: Wasteland has been downloaded, begin the installation process on your android phone.

Step 4: After the installation is finished, open it and start playing Merge Survival: Wasteland.

Please Note: If you are installing apps from APKDownloadHunt for the first time, please enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s Settings > Security before installing.

Merge Survival: Wasteland MOD (Unlocked Version, Unlimited Money No Ads) APK

In most cases; usually, Merge Survival: Wasteland app has a very nice feel to it and the reason why this app became so famous was because of its cutter yet they had an amazing app of creating that Captured the eye of every game lover out there. Download Merge Survival: Wasteland mod apk App (Unlimited Money / Gems, Premium version) using your favorite browser.  Merge Survival: Wasteland app No Ads Mod (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All, Premium, Pro ) can be used paid for free and does not require root on your device.

Additional Game Information

Version 1.29.0
Updated on 26 Jun 2024
Downloads 1,000,000+ downloads
Offered by StickyHands Inc.

Conclusion of Merge Survival: Wasteland APK

In conclusion, Merge Survival: Wasteland APK offers a captivating post-apocalyptic gaming experience that stands out with its ad-free gameplay, unlimited resources, and advanced merging mechanics. These features, coupled with customizable shelters and diverse combat styles, make the game highly engaging and enjoyable. However, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks, such as reduced challenge, possible stability issues, and security concerns when downloading from unofficial sources. Despite these drawbacks, the game’s unique aspects and immersive gameplay provide a compelling experience for survival enthusiasts. With regular updates and official support, Merge Survival: Wasteland APK has the potential to become a staple in the survival game genre.

Download Merge Survival: Wasteland MOD APK (Unlimited Unlock All Levels) APK For Android

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