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Ninja Turtles: Legends APK Download Free Game App For Android & iOS(Latest Version) – APK Download Hunt. Ninja Turtles: Legends APK is a great Ninja Turtles game with beautiful graphics and a strategic battle mode that will have you glued to your screen. An added advantage is that the game contains a large number of missions, some of which are based on the live-action films.

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Ninja Turtles Legends APK Download

Latest Version Ninja Turtles: Legends APK Download

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What is Ninja Turtles: Legends APK?

Ninja Turtles: Legends is a combat role-playing game starring none other than the original Ninja Turtles. The real tale this time is that Donatello, Raphael, and Michaelangelo were kidnapped after being sucked into a dimension rift. Of course, our goal is to save them.

Fortunately for Leonardo, he’ll be aided by a slew of other characters in Ninja Turtles: Legends, some of whom are long-time friends who have become household names thanks to the franchise. April O’Neil, Dogpound, Karai, and Casey Jones are just a few of the heroes you’ll be able to recruit to your team.

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In Ninja Turtles: Legends, battles are fought in a turn-based system. Each character has a unique skill set that you’ll employ to defeat your opponents, depending on their level. Leonardo, for example, may only use basic fighting attacks but can heal wounds with healing spells. Karai, on the other hand, allows you to attack all of the adversaries on the screen at the same time.

Thanks to the packs that you’ll open while playing, you’ll be able to unlock more characters and special goodies as you progress through the game. You’ll get new packs for free every now and then, as is customary in this kind of game, and you’ll be able to purchase extra packs for real money.

Ninja Turtles: Legends App Main Features⭐

  • ORIGINAL NINJAS: Explore the Turtles universe with an All-New Original story. Battle your way through 7 chapters and over 70 stages to take on the badest of bosses – Shredder, Kraang, and more!
  • RESPECT THE SHELL: For a limited time, play and experience an all-new chapter based on this summer’s blockbuster, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows! When their recon mission goes awry, the Turtles must take on the Foot Clan and favourite bad boys Bebop and Rocksteady! Fight to win and collect these exclusive characters!
  • TURTLE POWER: Help Leonardo as he takes on the Kraang army to save his brothers and fellow mutants. Play alongside Leonardo in a 5-on- 5 battle with your favorite TMNT characters.
  • MUTANT MAYHEM: Collect and level up over 30 TMNT characters! Train them to learn their super sweet moves and build your Turtle-terrific team! Don’t forget to pack your freezer for Ice Cream, Kitty!
  • SHRED ALERT: For the very first time, fight the Kraang as a Ninja Turtle friend… or FOE! Collect and play as Tiger Claw, Rocksteady, Bebop, and more. Create strategic teams and take on the Kraang!
  • FOOD FIGHT: Collect daily prizes and card packs to enhance your team!
  • WE RUN THIS TOWN: Fight against the Kraang in the Ninja Turtles’ favorite locations from the TV show, including Dimension X, the sewers, and the classic New York City rooftops!

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Brothers vs. Enemies!

Kraang Prime’s ambitions to terraform the Earth into Dimension X have been foiled at every stage by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So, what does an evil overlord do? Concoct a new diabolical plan to create an army of Ultra Mutants!

The Kraang have kidnapped mutants all around the world, including the Ninja Turtles, for their DNA! With his brothers trapped inside a Kraang Dimension X portal, Leonardo must enlist the help of both allies and opponents to save the Ninja Turtles before it’s too late.


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