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The Walking Zombie 2 APK Download Free Game App For Android & iOS(Latest Version) – APK Download Hunt. The Walking Zombie 2 is a fantastic combination of FPS and RPG that compares favorably to a wide range of other PC and platform games. The game also has excellent graphics, which you may customize according to your Android’s needs by going to the preferences menu.

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The Walking Zombie 2 APK Download

Latest Version The Walking Zombie 2 APK Download

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What is The Walking Zombie 2 APK?

The Walking Zombie 2 is a first-person shooter/role-playing game set in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world clearly inspired by The Walking Dead. Your protagonist is one of the camp’s youngest survivors, which is why they’ve assigned you all the dirty work.

The Walking Zombie 2’s controls are perfectly suited to touchscreens. The virtual stick for movement is located on the left side of the screen, and you can aim with the right side. By default, your character will shoot whenever he comes across an enemy within range, but you can change this by accessing the options.

You can access the map from the main menu, as well as the inventory, where you can equip yourself with new guns and shields, the diary, where you can keep track of all your active missions, and your list of skills, which you can improve as you level up.

There are numerous ways to personalize your character. The App is the best application in the Entertainment Sector of the Google Play Store App. After releasing this app it goes viral within a short time for its popular features and nice user experience.

The large role that RPG plays in The Walking Zombie 2 is one of the most noticeable parts of the game. You not only get to talk to a handful of characters who are stuck in the camp with you, but you can also unlock a lot of new dialogue possibilities if your speaking abilities develop. You can also make crucial decisions, trade, and learn new skills that may alter your gameplay.

The Walking Zombie 2 App Main Features⭐

  • Classic single-player post-apocalyptic FPS!
  • The attractive modern polygon graphics style!
  • Karma system – good and bad deeds create new options and encounters!
  • Dozens of stories and side quests!
  • Many weapons, protective gear, and other equipment – become your own survival squad!
  • Offline survival game – you can play offline.
  • Optional crafting and building in an open-world part of the game!
  • Weapon skins.
  • A variety of enemies – zombie walkers, bandits, and huge boss mutants!
  • Traders in settlements!
  • You can complete optional missions for zombie hunter Ace.
  • Cars and trucks – it’s faster than walking and you can store additional loot from the dead in the trunk!
  • Funny mini-games.

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Walking Zombie 2 is a classic FPS game with a story, dozens of quests, and a lot of shooting with various weapons – it is also a game that can be played without an internet connection. Your main adversaries are the zombies who already rule the world.

They are everywhere, in a variety of forms, and, most importantly, in large numbers. To finish them off, you will use guns with various ammo, grenades, or melee weapons. In the meantime, you’ll be able to heal yourself using medkits and food. As you complete more quests, your character will gain strength, better equipment, enhanced skills, and perks.

ZOMBIES!! The world after the zombie apocalypse is bleak. You were born into it, so you’ll have to fight your way through hordes of zombies, bandits, and dangerous boss monsters. In our free mobile FPS/RPG, you will complete important story quests as well as numerous side quests, level up your skills and perks, sell and buy equipment, and communicate with the (un)lucky survivors.


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