Best 10 Zombies Games on Android Phones & Tablets

Zombie games are a lot of fun. These top games cover almost every genre you can think of. Who doesn’t want to kill some zombies? This is a popular game category that is a lot of fun. There are two main reasons why this game is so popular, the obvious shooter and survival from the zombies. Here you discover the best zombie games of all time for Android phones that will entertain you in your spare time as you fight against hordes of undead in immersive and thrilling adventures.

Best 10 Zombies Games on Android

These zombie games have made a special place since a long time ago. The people in this game are infected by the virus, and the virus is being infected by them. They are included in the list of living dead. In order to survive in the world from this horde of the dead you have to fight them. Whether you’re commuting, traveling or having some offline gaming fun on your Android device, we’ve got you covered with this game. In this blog we try to list the top 10 best zombie games of the moment that will quench your thirst for action. Also this be it wherever you go which will provide you with the perfect adventure.

1. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect series is a zombie game series. In the game Dead Effect 2 you will find a very nice graphics interface, in which you will be a stockpile of zombie monsters and various types of science fiction creatures that have to be shot and killed. This game is actually adding to the limits of mobile games suitable for them and it has latest NVIDIA technology. There are crazy zombies in different environments that want to kill you. You will make your character and develop it into a fighting machine. You will be given more than 100 points to update your character, which you will do to bad guys and get 40 weapons. This game has a lot of content that you can use as you need. This game is Dead Space game that you can get on your mobile phone.

2. Unkilled

Unkilled Apk

Another First person Shooter game on the list of best zombie games for Android phones is Unkilled. This game is a modern and spiritual successor to Dead Trigger 2. This game is very popular nowadays, because its controlling and graphics are very beautiful. The developer company of this game is Deca_Games. More than one crore people are downloading and playing this game all over the world. In my opinion you have at least one reason why this game has been hailed as an FPS action zombie game. The gameplay of this game and its story is very interesting, in this game you will also find adventure and exciting solo combat missions. Also get good graphics, a bunch of missions, boss fights and online PVP multiplayer battles. In this game you will collect weapons, perform different missions, and kill lands. We have added this variety of games to this list for being a shooter game.

3. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2

Another game that we would like to point out as the best zombie games for Android phone tablets is Into the Dead 2. It is a very popular zombie action game. Most of the players love this game because of its excellent cut scene. It is a full-fledged zombie shooter game with over ten million downloads on the Google Play Store. In this game you will kill zombies using various firearms and you must continue to save your family. Here you have to run to survive as well as try not to die. There are also other missions to go on with challenges and even help from dogs. It’s a survival action game where you have to run and kill zombies to survive.

4. They Are Coming

They Are Coming

They Are Coming is an Arcade Zombe Action Game for android and tablets. Here you will find a bunch of zombies. Who should be shot dead. You progress through levels by killing lands, building defense lines for yourself and progressing through the game. Death is permanent so kill the lands before you die. Because if you fail you have to start all over again. The game adds a nice twist to the constant zombie killing and threat and is a lot of fun to play. This game can be downloaded for free. But this game cannot be played without internet connection. If you want to remove the ads then you have to spend some money to turn off the ads and you can withdraw your rewards forever.

5. Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth

Another game on the list of best zombie games for android is Last Day on Earth, a zombie shooter, survival game with adventure open world elements. Also this game is a zombie survival game which belongs to the MMO category. In this game you build your base of operations, steal items and materials, and do them before the zombies kill you. This game features a post apocalyptic world. Here you can trust no one you can trust yourself can’t trust anyone. Here constantly new zombies will appear in front of you that you have to kill. We enjoyed this game play, the graphics of this game are very good. Plays smoothly. Regardless this is a very nice freemium game.

6. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the old zombie shooters but first person zombie shooter game For Android and tablets. If you want to play a popular zombie shooter game then this game should be on your list. This game is full of adventure and in every mission you have to survive the enemy. Date Trigger 2 as one of the zombie ball games brings you the thrill of a non-stop shooting game and here you have to fight for survival. You are here to save the world against the terrorists, so everyone trusts you. Although it is an old game, it still plays much better than most of the newer zombie games and FPS games. Here you get metric tons of missions, decent graphics interface and hardware controller support. Also the weapons to collect With these weapons you will have to fight the zombies and save yourself from them. One thing to keep in mind here is that if you die then the game is played from the restart.

7. Kill Shot Virus

Kill Shot Virus

Among the relatively new zombie games we have is a popular game called Kill Shot Virus. This is a free download zombie first person shooter game. In this game you will find very nice cool pix interface, simple shooter controls, online multiplayer content and leaderboard. Here you can do a lot of weaponry. Also more than 100 missions, can collect huge amount and get many content. It is a premium game and has the same issues as other premium games. However, one of the long time favorite and old zombie shooter games to free yourself from boredom is Kill Shot Virus. It has good gameplay and the story is excellent. Infested by zombies here. There are people infected with this virus to survive and you have to stop this whole spread. Those who have already died and become zombies must also be eliminated.
Here are going to encounter 3D zombies with many missions.

8. Zombie Roadkill

Zombie Roadkill

We invite you to play a fun little zombie themed arcade game with zombies. In Zombie Roadkill you will see a world of zombies as normal. Players navigate their way through the zombie apocalypse and progress through the game. You avoid your own death by shooting zombies and shooting zombies that jump into your car. Your main goal in this game is to survive. You can make your way through them while trying to kill them and shoot them to advance your game to keep yourself alive. The game features ten weapons, five vehicles, a story mode, an endless mode, and seven types of zombies to fight in. This game combines the feel of a classic shooter and a silent racing game. Which will make your game playing experience exciting and exciting.

9. Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 is yet another zombie survival game! It can be played on android, tablet, iphone. It is an immortal classic base of the tower defense zombie game. This game is completely different from the other games listed. This game has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. In this game, players cultivate powerful plants to resist the zombie attack. These special plants shoot out bullets that kill zombies and protect your safe enclosure. It includes lots of things like retro graphics, engaging gameplay, crafting, and building. Your character needs food rests and a consistent supply of water. It’s an amazingly fun game with a control and retro twist. This game has been in discussion since its inception and till now it is listed among the most popular zombie games.

10. Zombie Gunship Survival

Zombie Gunship Survival

Zombie Gunship Survival is one of the newest zombie games. This is an unusual game that can be played with Android mobile and PC. In this game your job is to move the helicopter from one location to another. and assisting colleagues on the ground. This is one of the first games where you sit in a helicopter and shoot zombies to save the people. Feel the real horror with the destruction in the gameplay, the world is facing an apocalypse just as you expected. You are here to support your soldiers to survive against the zombies. Also you have to defend your base by fighting against these terrible monsters. I consider this one of the best zombie games on Android, because in the game you will be an American drone operator and you can customize your own plane. This game has premium quality graphics which takes the game to a higher level. This game has been downloaded more than ten million by the popular play store all over the world.

These 10 best offline zombie games for Android mobile will be your free time companion when you want to combine adventure and action game fun. This blog is perfect for every zombie loving gamer.

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